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This has not happened yet, but it 's what I hope happens, when me and my lover ( who loves to cross dress ) I'm in an exhibition later this year... we are gone, we have a couple of drinks all night with the other and the tension between us is growing excited as the night wore on, we're both little we know is to wait. We all start N on the way to bed and not go to our respective rooms, make it clear that come with the plan so that you can think of porn2 about 10 minutes. I can use the time wisely decor of the room and into my robe, a bodice of black satin strapless, black satin strap, black stockings, porn2 garters and 4 ' heels changed. knocking on the door and let you in, you are a bit of what you see, I'm surprised actually in the room. are in bed is a selection of toys and lubricants. and a video camera set up in the corner. starts to say something, but the rest I, who gives you a kiss. I tell you in time porn2 andou can not say a word but just do what I say. I must give you a bag and run to the bathroom and closed the door behind us. I tell you to open the bag and remove the contents, while I shower out. Out of the bag, take a shower scrub, a new razor blade and body lotion. I say, get ready, while I get to watch. clean shaven everywhere, and obviously on, I tell you to rub lotion all over my body. I can not resist this help for some or lotion and rub all hard cock before leading back to the room. I'll give you another bag and to remove the content and place it near the other items in the bed. In silence they do, this time from the underwear I bought for you. As soon as everything is laid in bed to lie and say that little by little dress for me, noting that each point in the order you want. begin with a plump red satin slip his cockagainst the material of silk, and I want it but do not touch yet. side up matching red cami, throw his head slowly over his body, annoyed at the way her nipples are erect and I know how good the satin feel to it should be told. Thigh highs N and is next to each roll smooth in his legs. That makes me so wet, I can not slide my hand between my legs. I love to see you dressed like that and porn2 how excited you there. I've never seen so big cock as you can see it now. porn2 I tell you now in the latest clothes, put on a pair of black satin gloves, that until the elbows and a pair of shoes with high heels, then asked about the end of the bed. I tell you now that you, your underwear caressing touch his penis through the material of her thong satin and I want you to tell me how good it feels. I am kneeling in the middle of the bed, legs slightly apart massage my clitoris. The more I do this, while watching you love yourself the most moist until dripping in my panties. I bow before you now, until completely on all fours I am near you and I can apply the cream for the body, but I'm not touching the nose. I guess one of the vibrators and slide into my hole, it goes without resistance, and I am very wet. I say starts to shake, and I go, because if you cum to be there, want to catch it. All the time I 'm moving the vibrator moves in and push out right in front of almost, to get the full effect. The combination of the vibrations in my pussy and see masturbate on my face too and I'm starting to cum, juices stream into my thighs and my body tense for the last time you shoot sperm on face and mouth. took some of the runs of my face porn2 and move behind you now. I command you to bend over the bed and tell him what a dirty little bitch you are and porn2 how they will punish you for enjoying yourself too ! I make you a great sniff of poppers that are in bed and then use cum lubricate your ass. You are too big so open with me, but I have to start slowly with one finger, then two, then three Loosen bent, add a bit of baby oil and management of four fingers. They are now very open and receptive, so one of the dildos out of bed and pushing it in you, slowly at first, then more and more difficult. I can see that this feeling, like hard rock and I'm back to loving pat your self from the porn2 beginning. I knock you off your hand and reach around and follow you, masturbating dildo in the hands of the entrance to his guns and his dick in my hand to you. not take long before I knew it and send cum flying everywhere in the same bed and all of his new underwear, which has become a much deeper red color with all the juices. That irritates me because it is my excuse to say and do my will. So I have to go back to bed and tellto lick my pussy until it drips. I say that tongue in me, they are to me full of flavor, and leave for you to take my pussy with your tongue while I stimulate my clitoris. Once you are thoroughly wet, where you say, oil fuck my ass and my fingers. I can see its always hard you porn2 have to porn2 like being told what kind of dirty bitch who are bullied. Seeing his hard cock in the belt is turning me well n I'll give you a toy and say you put it in my ass, then I lifted her legs and fuck me for. You dive in me, and as you go deeper into my vagina pushed the toy deeper and deeper into my ass makes me mourn for joy. I wrap my legs around his neck and can smooth nylon of my stockings feel as if he pushed into me. I'll tell you what kind of porn2 a bitch and fuck me hard. It will be busy with our bodies banging together faster and faster until I feel tense and then explode inside me as if I let go andthe best orgasm I've had, since the collapse in bed together. When we finally got the encouragement I get out of bed and the camera, which was running all the time, a few glasses of wine and a ciggie few and see them again before falling asleep wearing wet underwear captured. xxxx porn2 I'll tell you when it happens....
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